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PGI Milestones

In 1904 a handful of Goans conceived the idea of having an Institution where they could meet and share their pleasures and sorrows and where they could expose their thoughts to the critical study of their fellowmen. Fellowship was therefore the light that guided the dark path that the founders had to trail.

Mr. B. J. Francis, who conceived the idea of bringing together all the educated Goans and build an Institution, made known his intention at a meeting of a handful of Goans held in his coach factory. This came to be known as The Friend's Union'. There were 21 members present at that meeting held on January 4 1904. Not having a place of their own, they met thereafter, at each member's house wherein they laid down the rules and regulations that would govern the Institution. The Friend's Union club was housed at House No 917, Synagogue Street, Poona 411 001. The first President elect was Mr. B. J. Francis with Mr. L. P. Mascarenhas as Secretary and Mr. C. F. Da Costa as Treasurer. The official inauguration of the club was an eventful occasion, with the blessing of the premises by the parish priest Rev. Fr. Rodrigues. The list of names who approved the rules and became members on that date were


Mr. John A De Souza

Mr. L. C. Mascarenhas

Mr. B. J. Francis

Mr C. F. De Costa

Mr. Diago Fernandes

Mr. A. M. D'Mello

Mr. G. Ferraz

Mr. L. Fernandes

Mr. Shaikh Mohammed

Mr. S. Fernandes

Mr. F. De Souza

Mr. Arthur De Souza
Mr. J. M. Fonseca

Mr. D. Rodrigues
Mr. L. C. Fernandes

Mr Shallon
Mr. J. Rodrigues

Mr. S. Paul
Mr. F. D. D'Souza
Mr. P. De Rego
Mr. H. De Souza

Mr. D. M Fernandes

Mr. B. C. Fernandes

Mr. J. A. D'Souza

Mr. C. Noronha
Mr. J. F. Pais

Mr, David Rodrigues
Mr. L. F. Martin

Mr. A. Ferraz
Mr. L. Remedios

Mr. John Fernandes

Mr. D. P. Lobo

Mr. Q. Noronha
Mr. A. C. Fernandes

Mr. F, Fernandes
Mr. C. De Souza

Mr. B. S Marcelino
Mr. D. C. Fonseca

Mr. L. D'Souza
Mr. J. A. D'Souza

Mr. F. Clements

The members of ' The Friend's Union' were however not a sedate group. Their aims were higher and nobler. At a preliminary meeting at the premises of 'The Friend's Union Club on the 26th of April 1905 a resolution was passed which stated: " Resolved to develop 'The Friend's Union' Club into an Institute for the Goan community of Poona, with the aim of increasing usefulness and having for its object, its social, moral, literary and economic advancement, it was also resolved that the name of the intended Institute should be settled at a future date. It suggested that the Literary and Social Club and the Anglo Portuguese Cricket Club, which are already in existence, should be approached with a view to their amalgamation with the proposed Institute". The present Institute was formally set up at the meeting of July 22, 1905 and August 20, 1905 it was duly christened ' the Anglo Goan Institution, and its first President was Dr. E. X. Dias The First Annual General Body Meeting of the Anglo Goan Institute held on March 4,1906 ."

In 1911 the name of the Institute was changed to Anglo Portuguese Institute,

In 1918 at the annual general body meeting, the chairman of the day Mr. John De Mello made a spirited speech which deserves attention “the Institute belongs to the members. The committees are elected by them and are bound to give an account to the members at the end of their stewardship No rational influence is required to control its affairs and consequently no one should plead want of time or energy where members elect him to do the work of the Institute for a year. All should cheerfully come forward and press to be members of the committees so that they may be useful to their fellowmen”
In 1921 a special general body meeting was called to discuss the proposal to acquire a building and grounds. Mr. F. Dias and Mr. W. J. Castellino proposed that a building committee be appointed and invested with full powers to negotiate and acquire a building with grounds, to raise by donations, loans etc. A building committee appointed for this purpose of raising funds.
Mr. W. J. Castellino proposed that a special rule should be added to the Constitution to have Founders, Patrons on payment of Rs 1000/- and Rs. 500/- each

In 1923, the building committee was dissolved and the work of collecting funds for building fund was entrusted to the managing committee

In 1928 a special general body meeting was called to consider the proposal by the trustees that the property of the Indo Portuguese Association located at 440, Nana Peth, Poona be purchased for Rs.3, 500/- The General body approved a price and authorised the trustees to proceed.

In 1929 the President Mr. A. F. Braganza congratulated the members for their success in acquiring the Indo Portuguese Association property

In 1935 the general body approved a proposal to acquire a strip of land adjoining the Tennis courts

In 1936 it was decided to raise a debenture loan for carrying out certain repairs and additions to the building, provision of a compound wall

In 1942 The present name “Poona Goan Institute” proposed by Mr. W. J. Castellino and seconded by Mr. P. Fialho The proposal of Mr. W. J. Castellino was approved by 2/3 of the members present

In 1950 a proposal by Mr. C.J. Pinto to build shops and hostels for students on tin ground and first floor

1st October 1964 the Diamond Jubilee of the Institute was celebrated and the opening of the newly constructed annexes was performed by Msgr. M. X. Collaco who also blessed the new premises